Here’s to the ones who want to do something creative and strategic at the same time love Clicking Selfies. What would be better than an Event based on selfies followed by strategizing and pitching your ideas in the most creative way?
The basic theme of the event is to imagine as if you are a BRAND AMBASSADOR, and you have to endorse the brand.
1. The picture has to be a selfie.
2. The picture can be edited.
3. Minimum 1 & maximum 5 members are allowed in a group.
4. The Selected Product Should Exist in the Market.
5. All rights reserved by the organizers.
6. Students have to submit their selfie with the product.

Submission Round:

Participants (Group of 1-5) have to take a selfie with a product of their choice like
(Maruti swift or Cadbury Dairy Milk etc.), they all have to take a selfie in the best
innovative way & send it to our email ID
Subject line: Selfie_college name
Message body:Clearly written Names of all the participants with their phone
numbers and Facebook ID
File name: College name_team members name_product
Last Date : 23:59:59 hours, 20th October, 2017

Online Round:

Selected Selfies will be posted on our Facebook page and
the teams will be informed. In this round teams have to create buzz by sharing,
tagging and commenting.
Start date: 23:59:59 hours, 23rd October, 2017
End Date: 23:59:59 hours, 29th October, 2017

Evaluation criteria:

 50% Creativity
 50% Hype