General Rules and Regulations

We request you to follow these regulations to ensure that ‘Altius’ is a safe and
enjoyable experience:

  • Your college ID card is a must in order to get the Passes.
  • All the participants need to carry their college ID cards for entry into PIC,
    Mansarovar, Jaipur.
  • Please do not carry any sharp objects, inflammable objects, and/or any other
    object that is potentially dangerous.
  • Please do not carry any beverages with alcoholic content.
  • Please do not carry or attempt to sell any narcotics, drugs, cigarettes or
    addictive stimulants of any sort.
  • Registration per student is Rs. 150.
  • An individual can take part in various events.
  • All the participating candidates will get Participation certificates and Winners
    will be awarded.



Here’s to the ones who want to do something creative and strategic at the same time love Clicking Selfies. What would be better than an Event based on selfies followed by strategizing and pitching your ideas in the most creative way?
The basic theme of the event is to imagine as if you are a BRAND AMBASSADOR, and you have to endorse the brand.
1. The picture has to be a selfie.
2. The picture can be edited.
3. Minimum 1 & maximum 5 members are allowed in a group.
4. The Selected Product Should Exist in the Market.
5. All rights reserved by the organizers.
6. Students have to submit their selfie with the product.

Submission Round:

Participants (Group of 1-5) have to take a selfie with a product of their choice like
(Maruti swift or Cadbury Dairy Milk etc.), they all have to take a selfie in the best
innovative way & send it to our email ID
Subject line: Selfie_college name
Message body:Clearly written Names of all the participants with their phone
numbers and Facebook ID
File name: College name_team members name_product
Last Date : 23:59:59 hours, 20th October, 2017

Online Round:

Selected Selfies will be posted on our Facebook page and
the teams will be informed. In this round teams have to create buzz by sharing,
tagging and commenting.
Start date: 23:59:59 hours, 23rd October, 2017
End Date: 23:59:59 hours, 29th October, 2017

Evaluation criteria:

 50% Creativity
 50% Hype

The Ad- Mad Show “Where creativity meets madness”

About the event The Ad Mad Show competition is an opportunity to bring out individual and collective talent of the students participating in it. The idea behind conducting this competition is to provide a platform to participants to explore their creativity and stage presence skills. It is expected from students that they should get equipped with the knowledge of Ad-making and execution of it live. Participants are suggested that their Ad should contain the essentials of Advertisement, i.e.
Clarity, provoking in nature, creativity, appeal, & simplicity.


General Rules
1. In this event participants will have to produce advertisement for a product/ service in a proper way which is quite appealing to audience.
2. The ad prepared by the contestants must not contain any obscene words/any subject that hurts the feelings of a culture/language/religion/region
3. Teams will be required to come up with the innovative ads. Based on the creativity and how innovative the ad is, teams will be shortlisted by the jury.
4. Teams have to make a new product name, punch line and advertise the product/brand given to them.
5. The teams must bring with them the camera, digital camera and all the other equipment required by them for presenting their Advertisement.
6. Judging is done on the basis of team’s creativity, customer appeal and stage presence.
7. Disobedience of rules may lead to disqualification.
8. The decision of the judge is final and abiding.
9. Participants should bring institute’s ID card along with them at the time of registration and must report on the scheduled time.

Preliminary Round’s Rules and Regulations:
1. Name of the products or services would be given and the teams have to prepare an advertisement for it. Time allowed to present your prepared ad will be 4-5 minutes.
2. The maximum number of participants in a team is 5. Final Round’s Rules and Regulation:

1. The selected/shortlisted teams will be eligible for this round.
2. In this round, name of the products or services would be given and the teams have to prepare an advertisement for it.
3. 15 minutes will be given to teams for preparation.
4. Time Limit for presentation: 4-5 Minutes General Judging criteria for the both rounds:

 Ability to attract audience’s attention.
 Concept of ad
 Team work
 Voice modulation

5. Ability to highlight the idea of product with minimum efforts 6. Overall presentation



The competition will be held in two rounds.

I Round: This is the screening round, in which, Participants have to submit B-Plan in PPT format via mail and the teams will be selected on the basis of their submission.
Selected students will be informed and invited to the campus to present their B-Plan on event date.

The business plan should be made in proper format must be organized in the following manner:

 Cover Page (Performa attached below)
 Index
 Executive Summary
 Problem Statement
 Business Preposition
 Marketing Plan
 Organizational Plan
 Financial Plan
 References
 Appendices (for additional information, if required)

Submission Deadline of B Plan: 12:00:00 hours, 25th October, 2017.
Submission should be done at
Subject line: LaunchPad_college name
Message body: Clearly written Names of all the participants and their phone
File name: College name_team members name_venture name.
Results declaration: 28th November,2017

II Round: The selected students will have to present the Business Plan at campus
The competition is open for teams comprising of Business school students, undergraduate and postgraduate students (Regular or Part Time)

 Each team can comprise of maximum 4 members.
 Colleges can have multiple teams.
 One participant cannot be a part of more than one team
 No change of team structure is permitted after the team is registered.


All the participants have to make PPTs of their business plans in accordance to the below mentioned details:
All the candidates have to mail them by 25th October, 2017 to and selected candidates have to present. Any
supplementary information meant for the teams will be communicated directly to the team subsequently via email.
Last date for submission of the Business plan is 25th October, 2016 12:00 Midnight after which no entries will be entertained.


Business Plan/IdeaComprehensiveness
Economic Impact
And Presentation (On Event Date)

Pitching to investors, building PR, and acquiring customers- it’s all about creativity…!!!



Here is a golden chance to present your ability as the best student entrepreneur in an extremely challenging competition. Corporate roadies is a two day event, totally engrossing and one of its kind. The event possesses a series of entrepreneurship challenges, including a tangible representation of intangible. The challenge grows
intense with at least one participant getting eliminated during each round of the challenge. So take part in it and see if you have got the fire in you! Prove yourself to be the ultimate corporate roadie!!!

The process of finding the real entrepreneur is just not easy task. Single competition
would not be successful enough on finding them.



Show how well you can present a topic pitched at you in a minute without any use of gadgets.


Can you analyze and present a news article in an efficient and effective way in short time?


In the same participants has to find out instructed items from the venue of event and collect them is the concept (BEG, BORROW and BUY).


“Stress interviews” are an offbeat way to see how candidates react to unusual circumstances under pressure. Our advice: Expect the unexpected.