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The class rooms are well furnished with comfortable chairs and audio-visual equipments. All the classrooms are having sufficient lighting and ventilation facilities. They are having enough space for movements of students as well as teachers. The visibility to the board is clear and the last bench students can also view the board and listen to faculties due to audio facilities.

Computer Lab

The computer labs are equipped with latest hardware and software facilities. There are sufficient number of computers for students to practice. All computers are connected with Hi speed Internet. The students are provided with various in-house IT projects in Web development, Application Development and Mobile development.

The students are given assignments for making presentations, preparing project reports, term papers, research papers. They are also having access to e-learning facilities like google G-suite, spoken tutorial, Swayam, NPTEL, VIRTUAL LABS, e-PG Pathshala and other MOOC e-learning platforms to enhance their learning in their respective area of study.

Chemistry Lab

The Department of Chemistry is well equipped with three laboratories: UG, PG and Research Labs with well trained lab associate and lab assistants

The Department has a variety of latest equipments to conduct different experiments. The laboratories are equipped with instruments like Vacuum pump, Spectrophotometer, Water bath, Microwave oven, Heating Mantle, Melting point apparatus, Magnetic Stirrer, Electronic Balance, Digital pH-meter, Hot plate, Digital Conductivity meter, Distillation assembly, Water & soil analysis kit, TLC chamber etc.

In Research Lab, different Students Projects and Research Projects are ongoing which are funded by UGC and DST. .

Physics Lab

Well spacious and well ventilated with all fitted instruments. Their the personal attention is given to each student by the qualified instructors.

Botany Lab

Well spacious and well ventilated Botany lab provides specimens,microscopes, permanent slides latest method of physiological experiment, section cutting of plants,demonstration dissection with the help of computer . Above this the well qualified and experienced faculties are really an advantage for the student who at every step are there to help the student.

Zoology Lab

Department of Zoology has a well equipped spacious laboratory with state of art infrastructure which supports academic and advanced research. High throughput instruments pertaining to microbiology, biochemistry, molecular biology, haematology like Laminar Air Flow, Autoclave, BOD incubator, bacteriological incubator microscopes, pH-meter, spectophotometer, centrifuge machine, digital weighing balance, deep freezer.Additionally,rare species specimens, human skeleton,preserved specimens also contribute to enriched animal sciences laboratory.Currently, many research projects funded by UGC, DST are in an ongoing stage. A vast repertoire of Ph.D. scholars contribute to strength of the laboratory.

Geography Lab

Endowed with latest teaching aids & well qualified teachers , geography lab also provides the outdoor survey facilities. The geography lab has the collection of maps, aerial photographs, atlases, report-type literature, theses, reprints of journal articles, and photographic slides.

Psychology Lab

Endowed with latest teaching aids psychology lab contains the Psychological Testing Instruments,30+ Manuals to render professional service and collaborative research for the growth of the discipline of Psychology.

PGI has a well-equipped and spacious library which provides latest and up-to-date reference material, reports, books, thesaurus, audio-visual material, macro and micro documents,National & International Journals and has more than 12,250 books on Science, Management, IT, Commerce, Education , Medical Sciences.

Library Management

Library is under the charge of a professional librarian. The library committee consisting of Director of the Institute and two members nominated by the Director from amongst the PGI faculty members assists the selection of books and acquisition of other library material.

Library Collection

PGI's fast growing library is equipped with a large number of text and reference books on management and related disciplines. The Library endeavours to support the teaching, research and academic needs of the students and the members of the Institute, through books, Journals and other reading material.

The total collection of the Library is about 5000 selected after a careful scrutiny by the PGI faculty. The collection includes variegated material-from hard-core social and management science literature to applied socio-economic formulations, and relates both to theory articulation and skill development.

                                        Reference Material

PGI library has fairly strong reference section consisting of:

  • Journals
  • Business Magazines
  • Newspapers
  • Annual Reports of Government Departments, Ministries
  • Trade and Business Directories
  • Dictionaries
  • Year books
  • Atlases
  • Maps and Guides
  • Journals/Magazines/Newspapers
  • The library is receiving an impressive 51 Journals, both on subscription and gratis basis.

                                        Audio-Visual Facilities

Library provides audio-visual facilities to students and faculty members within library premises and has a sizeable collection of management related DVD's.

Procedure for Membership

Students, faculty and staff members of PGI are eligible for membership free of cost.

PIC has a state-of-the-art seminar hall with a seating capacity of 400 people abrnd is equipped with the latest audio-visual equipment in a centrally air-conditioned environment.

The seminar hall is used round the year for hosting various events like National and International Conferences, Group Discussions, Mock sessions,seminars, conferences, debates, and cultural activities.

The Institute has a cafeteria which serves a variety of snacks and meals to the students, staff and faculty at moderate rates. Located at side area of the Institute, the cafeteria is equipped with vending machines for hot and cold beverages,etc....It provides all type of nutritious and hygienic eatables and beverages.

College has its own buses, van, etc. that covers all the main routes of the city. College provides  pick up and drop facility to the students residing in the other localities of Jaipur.

College has separate hostel facilities for boys and girls.
Boys hostel is in college campus only with accommodation for about 100 students.
Girls Hostel is also located in Mansarovar and there are accommodation available for about 75 students
We ensure hygienic food and friendly environment and rigid security in the hostel premises.

Other Facilities
  • INDOOR GAMES: We have facility for Indoor games in our hostel.
  • READING ROOM: We provide them common dedicated study room where they can share knowledge and enhance the reading skills.
  • FOOD & FUN & INTERIOR: Students from different background are studying in the hostel. So to understand each other's culture we believe food connects. They can make and share food in the hostel.
    Apart from that we encourage plantation. Students paint the pots of the plants with the innovative ideas they have in their mind and these plants are kept in their custodies so that they can nurture them.
    Students are allowed to design the interiors of their room according to their personality, aspirations and creativity. This gives them sense of belongingness and a desire to be different is nurtured.
  • ENTERTAINMENT: Wi- fi enabled hostel for the students to stay connected 24x7 for their work and entertainment.
    TV is a stress buster and an information box. Student can watch Television in leisure time.

Beyond Classroom

  • GYM: To excel in any field one need to be mentally & physically fit. A sound mind lives in sound body, so we provide them Gym facility in order to make them physically fit and mentally sound.
  • YOGA: Meditation makes you man. To enhance the quality of meditation we encourage students to participate in yoga classes so that they can grow spiritually.
  • DANCING CLASSES: Poddar has always been the twinkling star in the sky of dancing competitions. We encourage students by providing them the backend support and infrastructural facilities to practice as a result of which they have excelled in various competitions.

We have an ICICI Learning lab designed and equipped with the software to provide students the practical Experience in the field of Banking and Insurance.

The Institute have a specially designed Communication centre for the students for the enhancement of their communication skills and overall development of personality.The communication Lab is very useful in enhancing and growing the spoken skills of students.

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