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Research & Development


To establish sound infrastructural facilities to pursue research in frontier Key Research Areas (KRA) based on innovative and prospectively commercial aspect.


Advancement of myriad aspects of KRA’s and its application for societal benefit by creating a common platform for students, scientists, academicians, industrialists ,policy makers to disseminate and inculcate research temper amongst diversified fraternities


1) Promoting inter disciplinary research by increasing awareness and attractiveness of careers built on scientific knowledge and expertise, and highlighting the value of such skills and knowledge to health, sustainable economic development and social well-being.
2) To lay the concept of triple helix-Academia-Industry-Government Interface.
3) To conduct conferences, workshops, symposia and seminars aimed at life sciences community.
4) To promote interaction among research workers in different institutions and organizations within Rajasthan and other states.

Ongoing Research Projects - UGC

Dr.Praveen Goswam Department of Zoology (2014)i: Antibacterial Activity of Ocimum Sanctum Linn. And it’s Role in water Purification.

Dr.Meenu Mangal Department of Chemistry(2014): Synthesis of Novel indolyl-pyrimidine anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agents.

Dr.Poonam Dhawan Department of Botany (2015): In vitro propagation as a viable conservation strategy for Commiphora wighti (Arnott) as endangered medicinally important desert tree ,india and its phytochemical screening.

Dr. Anita Joshi Department of Botany(2014): In Vitro Phytochemical studies of Boerhaavia diffusa L. and its role as medicinally potent plant .

Dr Girja Shankar Department of Chemistry(2014): Estimation of the physio-chemical parameters of Ground Water and Waste Water of different areas of Jaipur city and adjacent localities to Amanishah nalla.

Ms Shilpi Damor Department of Zoology (2015): Isolation and biochemical potential of phosphate solubilizing bacteria isolated from soil and their role in plants.

Dr Hemant Verma Department of Commerce & Management(2015): Reality of Slogan –Inclusive growth

Dr Sunil Kakkar Department of Commerce & Management(2015): Impact of Organized Retail on Unorganized Retail

Completed Research Projects: DST Rajasthan

Dr.Meenu Mangal Department of Chemistry : Design and synthesis of novel bioactive heterocyclic special Reference to indole derives via phase transfer catalysis.

Dr.Poonam Dhawan Department of Botany: Reduce the biotic stress by endangered medicinal plant (Leptadenia reticulata with the colonization of Arbascular mycorhiza .

Student Project: with the support of DST, Govt. of Rajasthan

Dr.Praveen Goswami Department of Zoology: Antibacterial property of different medicinal plant Ocimum sanctum,Cinnamomum zeylancium and Xanthoxylum armatum .

Dr. Praveen Goswami Department of Zoology: Effect of Chinnamon on Glucose and Lipid Parameters in healthy rats .

Dr.Meenu Mangal Department of Chemistry: Synthesis and Biological studies of indole3-yl-glyoxyamide derivatives.


Paper Published

Dr.Poonam Dhawan Department of Botany : Synthesis of silver Nanoparticals using extract of Neem leaf and Triphla and evalution of their antimicrobial activity.

Dr.Poonam Dhawa Department of Botany: In Vitro Propagation and phytochemical screening in Cyamopsis Tetragonoloba.

Dr.Poonam Dhawan Department of Botany: Quantitative & Qualitative estimation of spirullina strain & their biochemical activity.

Ms.Manpreet Kaur: Treatment of waste water and using irrigation after recycling.

Dr.Devika Bhargava Department of Botany: Decrease in the toxicity of industrial effluents using bioadsorbents and evalution of its effect on vigna mungo.

Dr.Devika Bhargava Department of Botany: Effect of cadmium and Zn on growth and biochemical parameters of selected vegetables.

Dr.Devika Bhargava Department of Botany: Study of leather industry effluents of manpura Mchedi and its impact on ground water quality of that area.

Dissertation Projects: Have been done in the field of Medical Microbiology, Plant tissue culture, environmental Science,Genetic Engineering, Pharma, Immunology, Plant Biotechnology & Biochemistry.

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