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8 Tips for Aspiring Student Entrepreneurs

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February 15, 2019
Vaishnav Jan
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February 23, 2019

8 Tips for Aspiring Student Entrepreneurs

8 Tips for Aspiring Student Entrepreneurs

The hullabaloo about start-ups in India for the past few years has thrust students in the biggest dilemma of their lives — whether to get a job or be an entrepreneur.

Hugh Hefner, who once said, “Life is too short to be living somebody else’s dream.”  There are eight tips for aspiring student’s entrepreneur:

  • Idea < Execution

Don’t spend too much time in thinking about the idea, just start and enjoy the phase

  • Pitching

The more you practice, the better you are going to be.

  • Customers are the king

It’s important to explain the product and ask for the feedback from the customers on their liking, pricing and their needs.

  • Networking

Take opinions from other entrepreneurs too. So, create a strong network to get better feedback.

  • Enjoy

Entrepreneurship is more than working and it requires a lot of dedication.

  • Money Matters

Try to run a start-up with your own capital as the investors are likely to divert the company in a direction where you don’t want to be.

  • Put a Break

If you realize, your start-up is failing then stop working on it as early as possible.

  • Failure is step ahead

If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work and it should not matter.  Just give a break and start something else.


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