Aarogya setu app

Aarogya Setu App – Everything you want to know

What is Aarogya Setu APP

Arogya Setu is a COVID-19 contact tracing app developed by the Ministry of Electronics and IT. It is used to trace the users showing corona symptoms or who have visited foreign countries in the past 30 days. Through this app, the government is trying to trace the victims of Corona Positives. After the announcement of Lockdown 2.0 till 3rd May, an e-pass option is also added to the application. However, it’s not functional yet, but it will be soon. The idea again is to keep track of the user’s movement once the lockdown opens and normal working starts. The app is available in 11 major Indian languages including English.

How to install?

The app can be downloaded from the Google Play store as well as from Apple App Store. Once it is installed and opened for the first time, it asks you to register yourself with your mobile number which is verified with an OTP. It asks the user to keep Bluetooth and location switched on all the time so that it can keep a track of the user. It also opens an optional form which is for self-testing. The form asks questions like name, age, area of residence, your travel history of the past 30 days, and some questions related to Corona Symptoms. If it finds that your symptoms match with the Corona then it sends the information to the Government.

How does it work?

It requires the user to keep its Bluetooth and location sharing switched on at all times so that it can detect and track the user’s movement. It also communicates with the other users they come in contact with, using the Bluetooth technology. This information is stored in an application database and in case a person with whom you come in contact is found Corona positive then it traces all the people who came in contact with this person recently and alerts them to go for home quarantine. Then, it sends this information to the government as well. There is no third party involved in this process as per the app’s privacy policy.

What else?

The app also guides you about how to combat COVID-19. It has various learning guides like COVID-19 do’s and don’ts, Safety measures against COVID-19, etc. It also has COVID-19 Case updates state-wise and PAN India on a regular basis so that you are kept informed about your surroundings. An e-pass facility is also provided in the app so that you can easily go to the office once the lockdown opens.

Where is the problem?

There is a legitimate concern that this app will collect personal information and data privacy might be breached. However, the government has clarified that the data is fully encrypted and stays in user’s mobile until the user comes in contact with a Corona positive person. “All communication from the app, whether to another device or server, are secure and anonymized, and cannot be brute-forced. The app has been thoroughly and rigorously tested for security vulnerabilities by leading academic and industry experts,” Prof. K. Vijay Raghavan added.

Why Wait?

It means that the purpose of this app is to keep you safe from Corona Virus and also provide you instant help in case you need one. Therefore, it is for your benefit. So why wait? Go to Google play store or Apple App Store and download the app, stay safe and secure, and help the government combat this pandemic.

If we are safe, India is safe…