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Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence: An Intelligent Career Decision

An intelligent agent never repeats mistakes done by self or others. It learn from past failure and success, it takes rational decisions and it takes rest when not capable of taking decision in a situation.

Only an Intelligent agent can develop an intelligent system. So the first quality required to get a good job in this industry is your intelligence which is proven by your talent scores and knowledge. Computer science is an application of mathematics. To set the rules of intelligent systems we require the logical power of mathematics so we can prove logically that ours is an intelligent system.

The key behind Artificial Intelligence is advanced mathematical skills. Other skills are also required depending on the field of artificial intelligence.

Opportunities in AI

There are some fields of artificial intelligence where you can get entry form front door such as Machine Learning, Data scientist, Deep learning, Information Retrieval, Assistant Professor, Graphics Art, Digital Music, Textile Manufacture, Architects and many more are in trend.

There are some fields of artificial intelligence where you can get entry form back door only such as Scientist, Algorithm Specialist, Intelligence Designer, Robotic Industry, War Equipment Industry and many more.

Front door entry requires some certification and degree courses with good communication skills. You can find such jobs in classifieds while back door entry jobs are available for experts.

Skills and Abilities required

Your gun must be always loaded with creative shots for cost effective and efficient solutions. Your gun must be equipped with the binocular of foresight for technological innovations so you can shoot before your business competitors. AI specialists require technical skills to design, maintain and repair technology and software.

Educational Requirements

Basic computer knowledge with mathematics background is in high demand. Front door entry requires at least a Bachelor degree while back door entry type jobs require Master’s or Doctoral degrees.

These degrees must include the following:

  • Mathematics including probability, statistic, algebra, calculus, logic & proofs, algorithms.
  • Physics, engineering and robotics.
  • Computer science, programming languages, coding and data structure.
  • Cognitive science theory.
  • Knowledge of domain.

Students with Graduate degrees in Science or Mathematics (e.g. B.Sc.) can start a successful career in AI because they have the requisite skills and knowledge for this field.  B.Sc. students can opt for post-graduate courses such as M.Sc.IT to advance their careers in this direction.


Sudesh Sharma
Assistant Professor
Poddar International College

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