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Career Prospects after MSc (IT)

MSc(IT) will make its students experts in Computers and its related fields but also will provide opportunity in software development.

There are many job areas in which an M.Sc.(IT) student can be placed. Some of them are as follows:

  • Software Developer: As M.Sc.(IT) student learns various programming languages right from C, C++, Java and PHP. He/she can become a software developer.
  • APP Developer: Almost every enterprise is having their mobile apps and to keep them updated they need to have APP developers. After completing M.Sc.(IT) course, a student can also work as an APP Developer.
  • Business Analyst: For this a student has to develop some problem solving skills, Data crunching and business and market related skills. Along with that a student can develop data analytics skills using software.
  • Software Consultant: A consultant evaluates the business process, match the budget with technology and recommends a technology solution to the company to improve RoI and better customer relationship.
  • Software Application Architect: These people work for software design and architecture for software development companies.
  • Technical Writer: Every software development company needs to prepare a technical document which covers how to use and troubleshoot a software. So as an M.Sc. graduate you may become technical writer.
  • Hardware Engineer: These people work towards hardware equipment production and testing. There is a huge demand for such people.
  • Software testing: Before every software is released commercially, it has to go through various testing processes. You may also become a software testing engineer.
  • Web Designer and Developer: If you are creative and having good visualization skills then you can become a web designer and developer. Today every small or big company has to develop and maintain a website for their customers so it is also a very good career choice for M.Sc(IT) students.
  • You may also have opportunity in Networking, Graphic Design, Animation, Machine Learning, AI, IoT, Robotics etc. depending on your interest and mental ability.

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