Department of Arts/Humanities: Bachelors & Masters Courses

Department of Arts/Humanities

The Arts and Humanities include the restraints of ancient and modern languages literature, philosophy visual and performing arts. These restraints explore, share and recreate, utilizing of the human experience. It is a difficult task to define humanities or arts- it is an academic discipline which deals with the study of the human condition, utilizing practices that are usually logical, acute or hypothetical. Arts/Humanities are considered as two of the oldest fields of knowledge awarded to man.


Arts or Humanities is one of the most undervalued streams of all. It is a common fable, well dispersed among the Indian mind, that the Arts/ Humanities streams is for students who are doing nothing good with their studies or “who are not smart enough” nor studying either science or commerce, but it is completely wrong there are unlimited scopes available in the world for students who are thinking for Arts stream. Importance of Arts education is increasing day by day now students confidently put their step in this field.


The Arts education department aims to help students:

  • Grow ingenuity, critical thinking and communication skills and cherish aesthetic warmth and cultural awareness.
  • Develop art skills, construct knowledge, and cultivate positive values and attitudes.
  • Gain pleasure, enjoyment, and satisfaction through participating in arts activities.
  • Pursue a lifelong interest in the arts.


Arts or humanities is a very assorted stream and mainly deals with subjects like literature, sociology, psychology, political science etc. The career prospect for those who belong to this stream of study is unbounded. Students can choose from a series of career options such as teaching, social work, law, politics, business, television, journalism etc.

Institutions need to develop a balanced institutional curriculum so as to provide an all-round education for their students. Arts education is one of the five vital areas in the overall aim of education set out by the education commission : “To enable every person to accomplish all-round development in the spheres of integrity, brain, physique, social skills, and aesthetics according to his/her own traits so that he/she is proficient of life-long learning, critical and tentative thinking, inventing and adapting to change.


Undergraduate Courses

The Arts stream has a lot to do when it comes to undergraduate courses. Few of the popular courses, students from the arts background can opt for are as follows:


Postgraduate courses: There are many postgraduate courses are also available in the Arts stream. After the completion of the undergraduate course in any of the above subject, a student can also go for a Master’s degree such as M.A. in Hindi, M.A. in English, M.A. in Geography etc.

Course duration: 3 years for Bachelor in Arts (B.A.)

Course duration: 2 years for Master’s in Arts (M.A.)

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