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Commerce Department

The commerce department creates a motivating atmosphere for the academic progress of its students. An institution’s objective in commerce education is not only to encourage commerce but also to provide the right kind of work principles, proficient skill and leadership in all spheres of life. A good commerce institution forecast to prepare our young to be Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Indian Cost and Works Accountants, MBAs etc. so as to empower them to lead in national and international organisations. Through the course, the department anticipates to prepare the students to increase productive employment in business houses after graduation while leaving the choice for higher education exposed. This course aims to provide knowledge and skills in almost all areas of business to train students to take up jobs in different sectors of commerce, trade and industry. It opens up options for students in areas of business like Sales and Marketing, Finance and Accounts as well as Human Resource Development.


The present world is very fast and complicated. It is a world of commerce and business. Every country tries its level best to have frequent trade and commercial dealings with other countries to progress its economy. The main objectives of the commerce education are to educate our youth to manage the highly complicated modern business and to get the desired results from the trade.


Department of Commerce serves the best objectives of studying commerce

  • To develop economic understanding.
  • To develop students understanding of economic problems and their effects on society.
  • To develop the intelligence of ethics that serve as the root of economic planning.
  • To enable students to undertake various banking activities.
  • To develop students’ knowledge doubts various business practices and procedures.
  • To enable the students to be able to serve in various sectors of trade, commerce, and business.
  • To develop a habit of neat, clean and methodical work.
  • To focus on all-round development of the students’ personality through proper education and exposure to a vast treasure of knowledge.
  • To build leadership qualities in students for better career prospects.


  • Endowing students with all the knowledge and guidance that they need to become commendable management professionals.
  • Providing for holistic and value-based development of students which eventually enhances their employability.
  • Developing social awareness among students.
  • Preparing youth to become a truly global personality well equipped to deal with the modern world and its challenges.
  • Provide a cherishing and inspiring environment to feat the full potential of the students.

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