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Students who aim to build their career in the IT industry are not able to clearly differentiate the two courses, MCA and MSc(IT).

The course that you will choose will decide your career in industry; therefore, it is very important that you choose the right course for yourself. It has been thoroughly worked out to judge the difference.
M.Sc. IT. Subjects are similar to MCA and both covers almost same computer languages subjects such as C, C++, JAVA, .NET. Both the courses deal with advance technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Information Security and cryptography, wireless technologies, Advance JAVA. Students have the same opportunity to work on project and internship.

MCA focused on implementation of technologies while M.Sc.IT. focused on both implementation and research.

Admission in M.Sc.IT does not necessitate having background of IT or maths during graduation If you want to take the next decisive step in your career as IT professional then step right into this powerful Masters program.

MCA is three-year master degree course (except lateral entry for BCA students on 6% of total seats) whereas M.Sc. IT. is two-year master degree course, which is economical as well as time saving.
Expert view is that both the programs offer equally good career opportunities. Therefore the answer depends on the career path you want to follow. If teaching and research are your priority then you must pick M.Sc. IT. M.Sc. IT save your one year, you can utilize this year to gain job experience and an experienced has more demand in IT industry than a fresher.

After successful completion of your M.Sc.IT, you can confidently stride into the industry to undertake specialist roles such as Software developer, or Database Administrator. You can also choose roles like a software tester, Network Administrator, AI expert, data scientist.

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