Computer Laboratories

The primary goal of a well-equipped computer lab is to provide our students with assistance that enhances their possibilities of succeeding in their assignments. Our college has 2 high tech Computers Laboratories with more than 100 techno-savvy computers with advanced configuration, which are interconnected via high-speed LAN & internet services through wireless connectivity. Through this, they can build their hands-on experience and upgrade their learning skills.

Science Laboratories

The group has Physics, Chemistry, Zoology, and Botany Labs related to the Department of Sciences. Students use these Laboratories to learn through experiments and gain particle knowledge of the subject. The labs are equipped with latest and approved equipment which help in smooth delivering proper knowledge & aspects of the subject.

Geography Lab

The Department of Arts has well equipped laboratory to meet the requirement in the field of of thematic Cartography, Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System (GIS). There are number of survey equipments like chain table, plane table, prismatic compasses etc conducted in the laboratory.

Psychology Lab

Our Psychology Lab is equipped with all the latest equipments to explore the behavioral aspect. We attempt to cover various psychometric tests in specific dimensions of performance like Achievement, Intelligence, Personality, Thinking process, Leadership etc. These test includes Intelligence test, memory test, social support, facial expression, Emotional intelligence test, stress management test, mental health etc.

Digital Smart Class Rooms

The College has an individual and well equipped smart classroom for each department. The smart classroom helps to renovate the traditional education system into a modernized one. It provides eminence education to students through better concept formation, concept elaboration, improvement in reading skills and academics attainment.

Design Clinics

Design Laboratory is a creative laboratory dedicated for teaching design, where the students will transfer the thoughts of their mind and heart to necessary product or document. Institute have in place well equipped Garment Construction Lab, Textile Lab, Metal Lab, Design Studio & Fashion studio for our Fashion and interior Design aspiring students These Laboratories helps the students using their creativity to bring ideas to design & creativity. In addition, it also trains a new generation of designers who combine profound scientific knowledge with creative skills, an entrepreneurial attitude and the ability to anticipate the social dimensions of new technologies.

Digital Library & Resource Center

We have a well-resourced and spacious library which offers a large collection of national, international books and journals on Science, Management, IT, Commerce, Arts, fashion & interior which are available for students and faculties. The Poddar Group library collection includes more than 12000 books along with latest magazines, reports, subscriptions and other material coming day to day as an update in the Education Industry.

Conference & Training Room

To encourage self-employment/Entrepreneurship amongst students Government of Rajasthan has supported us in the establishment of Incubation Center where we are mentoring and developing students to build their startups.The Conference & Training Room is ideal for meetings, seminars and training sessions and is well equipped with built-in data projector, overhead projector, internet services, and interactive smart boards.


The Auditorium is setup with a seating capacity of 400 people and is equipped with the latest audio-visual equipment, projection screen. The auditorium is also used throughout the year for hosting various events like National and International Conferences, Group Discussions, Mock sessions, seminars, conferences, debates, and cultural activities.


The cafeteria serves a variety of snacks and meals to the students, staff and faculty at moderate rates. It provides all type of nutritious and hygienic eatables and beverages.


The college has its own buses & vans that cover all the main routes of the city. College provides pick up and drop facility to the students residing in the other localities of Jaipur.


Well equipped gymnasium is available within campus for students as well as faculty. Physical activity is good for your mental health. Experts believe that exercise releases chemicals in your brain that make you feel good. Regular exercise can also boost your self-esteem and help you concentrate, sleep, look and feel better.

Yoga & Sports

These centers help and enrich the student with enthusiasm and spiritual feeling. The student’s performance is improved with positive attitude. As they say “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” so Sports plays a vital role in the growth of student. It helps in overall development of the students. We at Poddar give special attention to Sports so that students remain physically fit and healthy.Poddar participate at a very high level in most inter & intra college competition on district, regional and national level.

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