Inner work

Inner Work in This Lockdown

Written –  Dr. Amita Vijay 

Hi! Students, what’s up, getting bored sitting at home. Oops, everything has come to pause the fast lifestyle has been a slowdown. 

What …. Slow down, how and why? And up to what time? Too many questions in the mind.

Hmm, I know we all are aware of this want to jump out of our home but 

No, we can’t this is the time of self-control and self-discipline….Virus threat is there ….

What to discuss more about it.

Let’s make use of this beautiful time have fun with it and learn about our self. 

Don’t you feel about knowing about yourself? And convert yourself into a better human being. We can use this time to explore our self, learn new languages have some more sensitivity towards nature. Mother Nature wanted us to be more sensible, aware and conscious

Here is the list of the things which we can do and make use of this Lockdown time

– We can do painting sketching

– Learn new languages

– Write poems, articles,

– Read some e-books

– Make some inspiring videos

– Learn cooking,

– Home task – like cleaning home, utensils, dusting, etc..

– Organize your wall robe

– Reorganize your schedules after the lockdown

– Teach small kids at home

– Do meditation, Pranayam and yoga this will make you physically and mentally healthy and joyful and reduce the anxiety of this fear.

– Do plantation in our balcony, how without seeds, we have many things in our house to grow Like coriander seeds, Tomato, Potato Carrot, onion, garlic, ginger, etc.

How will you do this?

Don’t worry many youtube videos and e-contents are available to make you learn about all these activities, you all can make use of this e-content and explore new things. 

Let’s not waste this time just sleeping eating, gossiping, creating more hummers and just watching TV and unnecessary videos. Common let’s have some discipline in our life now.

Yes, dear, this is the time to get inside and explores ourselves.

This is the time to be more sensible and responsible towards nature and all life surrounding us.

To be continued…..