Nationwide lockdown should not stop personal communication

Communication is the lifeline for growth and development. People have been using different mediums to communicate from time immemorial. In ancient times, birds like pigeons were used to send messages and then came the time of writing ink and paper letters followed by the age of the Internet where netizens are trying to connect with the larger world through Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp.

COVID-19 pandemic has brought the world to stand still. As the virus spreads from person to person so the face to face communication has been stalled and people are urged to go into lockdown. Does that mean, we should stop communicating altogether, not at all, we can always stay in touch through emails, letters, messages, Skype meetings?

As the great playwright, William Shakespeare said that the show must go on. 

Most educational institutions have started conducting online classes for students. The online classes are helping students stay in touch with their academic syllabus and also with the faculties. The faculties are not only teaching them but also comforting them psychologically to face the quarantine. The meetings are being conducted through Skype and other virtual sites.

So the communication has to go on even when people cannot come together physically but personal communication should be intact for the growth ahead.

Given the rapidly changing situation globally and in India we have to ruminate about different ways to connect and keep collaborating through the virtual space.

Collaboration would help us stay connected, updated and also keep us moving in the path of learning and development.