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Online Social Connects – Advice for Job Seekers

By- Sourabh Munjal

We are itinerant to “never before situation”, where the entire world has paused, except for some essential services. Before this COVID-19 pandemic, millions of people were getting interviewed daily and many of them got selected in different organizations around the world. Today the situation has closed many options for the job seekers. Employees who are in jobs may fall in prey of current lockdown situation. As the world is changing dramatically, businesses are at an uncertain curve. After some time, the world will be out of this Corona, but the organization may fail, the business may see a steep downfall, recruitment may slow down. In this hard situation, one should be ready with the different career plans, but it’s quite difficult when you cannot go around to search for Jobs/Internships, social connects can be more effective in searching jobs.

Organizations are preparing themselves to upsurge from the tough times. Organizations required such candidates who are passionate about the work. But how to find the best talent, when they all recruiters and job seekers both are locked inside their homes.

But there is a way, there is hope on the online platforms, which are still open regardless of Global Lockdown. Believe, Recruiters are searching the right candidates more than ever on social sites. Job seekers should take the opportunity in a manner to increase their chances to attract the attention of recruiters. Your profile and CV should be suitable for the ATS (Applicant Tracking System).

Create Social Professional Accounts

First of all, the candidate should create professional social accounts such as #LinkedIn, #Glassdoor, etc. #Facebook, #Twitter, which are known for the social connections, also added the features for the professionals. Face book job listing option has enabled job seekers to apply through. While creating your accounts, one must choose the interests and likes wisely to receive the relevant content in their social feed.

Give a Professional Look to Your Profile 

Your account will serve as an immediate resume to the recruiters. When you connect and apply through the #LinkedIn like social sites, your profile content plays an important role. Add your education, work history, training, internships in detail. Elaborate your skills, your achievements comprehensively. Your achievements can be supported with the photographs, your learning can be explained in your posts. Put all matter which reflects your talent, to one who lands on your social account page. Don’t forget to add links to your resume and professional association.

Network with the right connections

The next step is to connect and expand your network with the persons/organization according to your interests. That will help to remain updated with the current information and get connected with like-minded people will enhance the knowledge.

Show your availability in Status

Your status decides your reach to the audience. When you change your status to available for the Jobs/Internship social media settings automatically redirect your profiles to the recruiters searching for the candidates. Also, it lets recruiters communicate with you directly. Use phrases like “searching for the Internship in HR”, “Looking for the Job in sales” etc. Optimize the profile summary so that companies can evaluate you from the very first appearance.

Search and respond Actively

Remain active on social media, look actively for the job postings and respond to them. Give some time in searching, match your skills & their requirements and apply for suitable jobs also. Don’t apply with blindfolded, it will unnecessarily waste your and recruiters time.

Post Regularly your requirements

If you are searching for the job, don’t hesitate to post it in your network. Write the appealing post for your availability, describe your requirements, show up your skills and let the recruiters find you. Interestingly, not only you are looking for a job, but the companies are also searching for the right candidates.   

Practice the video and telephonic Interviews

Prepare yourself for the telephonic and video interviews. You may receive the interview call anytime from the organizations and obviously, it is going to be telephonic or through video conferencing. It is expected that organizations are going to adopt this culture, even after this global lockdown. Practising telephonic and video conferencing skills will give you an extra edge.

Upgrade and Upskill

Remain updated and enhance your skills constantly. Many online portals are there to learn remotely. Upgrade yourself continuously, according to the current demands of Industry. Be prepared for upcoming opportunities. 

Above all various jobs, portals are working to streamline the hiring process online. Search frequently on the portals and apply.

Best wishes for your job search.

Stay Home- Stay Safe.