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Research Projects

Research Projects

Title of projectFunding agency/



Project StatusDepartmentPrincipal Investigator /


Unnat Bharat AbhiyanMHRDApproved Dr. Praveen Goswami

Mr. Avnish Vijay

Biotechnology Business IncubatorRajasthan State DST/

Entrepreneurship Development








Zoology/ Research

And Development

Dr. Neha Sharma
Bioprospecting of Dairy Waste Water for Nitrate ReductionRajasthan State DST/



Student Projects


ZoologyDr. Neha Sharma
A Noble approach for fabrication of Ag and Al nanoparticles through ultra-sonic dissociation of thermal evaporation deposited thin films for promoting clinical application as polymer nanocomposite 





Dr. Narendra Agarwal
Fabrication of UV based filters using surface Plasmon phenomena of Ag-PMMA Nanocomposite films for promising laser applicationsDr. Narendra Agarwal
Radio Frequency based Mobile Phone application locator (CELLPHONE DETECTOR).


Student Project 











Ms. Krishna Sharma

Antibacterial activity of Ocimum sanctum Linn. and its role in water purification (2014) 







UGC, Minor Projects

ZoologyDr. Praveen Goswami
Synthesis of novel indolyl-pyrimidine anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agents (2014) 



Dr. Meenu Managal
Estimation of physico-chemical parameters of ground water and waste water of different areas of Jaipur City and adjacent localities of Amanishah nalla(2014)Dr. Girija Shankar Tailor
In vitro phytochemical studies of Boerhaavia diffusa L and it’s role as medicinally potent plant (2014) 




Dr. Anita Joshi
In vitro propagation as available conservation strategy Commiphora wightii(Arnott) an endangered medicinally important desert tree, India and its phytochemical screening (2015)Dr. Poonam Dhawan
Isolation and biochemical potential of phosphate solubilization bacteria isolated from soil and their role in plant (2015)ZoologyMs. Shilpi Damor
A research study about reality of slogan inclusive growth (2015)Commerce and


Dr. Hemant Verma
Impact of original retail on unorganized Retail in Rajasthan (2015)Dr. Sunil Kakkar
Study of Sonamukhi (Cassia aungistifolia) in Western part of Rajasthan for economic growth of farmersBotany


Dr.Poonam Dhawan
Reduce the abiotic stress by endangered medicianal plant (Leptadenia reticulata) with the colonization of arbuscular mycorrhiza (2011-2013) 



Rajasthan State DST/



Dr. Poonam Dhawan
Design and synthesis of novel bioactive heterocyclic special reference to indole derivatives via phase transfer catalysis(2011-13)ChemistryDr. Meenu Mangal
Antibacterial property of different medicinal plant Ocimum sanctum, Cinnamomum zeylancium  and Xanthoxylum armatum (2015) 








Rajasthan State DST/

Student Projects



ZoologyDr. Praveen Goswami
Effect of Cinnamon on glucose and lipid parameters in healthy rats (2015)ZoologyDr. Praveen Goswami
Synthesis  and antimicrobial studies of indole pyremidines (2014)ChemistryDr. Meenu Mangal
Synthesis of bioactive indole3-yl-glyoxyamide derivatives (2013)ChemistryDr. Meenu Mangal
Synthesis of silver nanoparticles using extract of neem leaf and triphla and evaluation of their antimicrobial activity(2013)BotanyDr. Poonam Dhawan
Decrease in toxicity of industrial effluents using bioadsorbents and evaluation of its effect on Vigna mungo(2012)Botany 
Treatment of pharmaceutical waste water using irrigation after recycling (2012)Zoology 
Synthesis and antimicrobial activity of some

(bisarylidine/heteroarlylidine indoles (2011)

In vitro multiplication and phytochemical screening in Cymopsis tetragonoloba (2011)BotanyDr. Poonam Dhawan
Synthesis of bioactive indolyl B-Lactams(2011)ChemistryDr. Meenu Mangal