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Ten +ve Effects of COVID-19


“Every coin has two sides, and they are distinct”

The whole world is severely affected by COVID-19. There is fear, anxiety, and distress everywhere due to uncertainty about the future. The stock market is crashing, the economy is moving towards recession and everywhere there is chaos. There is a lot of negativity around us due to this pandemic. Not just under-developed countries but the developed nations are also found helpless in this situation. But, as we all know that every situation has two aspects, the same is with COVID-19.

The pandemic has brought some positive changes too in our lives. Here are the 10 positive changes:

1+: Consumer Shopping Behavior – Consumer behavior towards online shopping has changed as due to lockdown, the consumer is not allowed to move out of the house. He has no option, but to explore e-commerce sites like Grofers, BigBasket, Amazon Grocery, Flipkart, BigBazaar, etc. This way the e-commerce retail industry has got new customers and it is a big and positive change in consumer shopping behavior.

2+: Use of Digital Payments In India after demonetization, the government insisted upon the use of digital payments but some people were reluctant and hesitant in doing the same. But due to the corona effect, many shopkeepers stopped accepting cash payments and the user has no option but to start using digital payments. Therefore, the use of E-wallet, Internet banking, and UPI has witnessed a boom.

3+: Use of Technology – When the lockdown was declared and no one was allowed to move out from home, many companies started working from home. There was a sudden demand for the Internet as well as video conferencing technologies. This led many people to come to know how to use video conferencing. The major impact was on the education sector as all colleges and schools were closed due to lockdown and the studies got hampered. So, the schools and colleges had to evolve their teaching pedagogy and adopted the online teaching-learning practices. This way the teachers, students and administration of college had to learn the use of various online platforms like google G-suite, Microsoft 365 etc. for education. Many Universities worldwide started exploring online learning curriculum development. Therefore, a new era of teaching-learning is on the way due to this corona.

4+: Environmental Effects – It is observed in many cities worldwide that due to lockdown, the use of energy and vehicles has gone down and there is a positive effect on the environment. The pollution level has come down. Due to the temporary closing of industries, industrial waste is not being produced and there is no dumping of the same in the ocean or rivers so the rivers are reviving itself and the pollution level has come down. The air quality also has improved in places like Delhi, Haryana, and Mumbai.

5+: Family Harmony – In major cities as both the parents are working, they were not able to give enough time to their kids. Due to lockdown when they are staying at home, they are able to spend quality time with their children. This brought harmony in the family and the kids and housewives are feeling happy.

6+: Cultural Enrichment – Due to the enormous time and less work, people started devoting their time towards spiritual, cultural, and personal hobbies. The re-telecast of India’s epics like Ramayana and Mahabharat by the government of India is the icing on the cake as the new generation is now coming to know more about the Indian spiritual epics. There is a sudden hike in the demand for Yoga, meditation, and other hobby classes.

7+: New Business Opportunities – Due to corona, various new business opportunities came into existence. Sanitizers, handwash soaps, hygiene products, Video Conferencing applications, e-learning platforms, etc. are the new business opportunities for entrepreneurs. Many hobby teachers have started online facilities. Various educational groups have launched their websites where online admission, fee payments, and online classes are being held. Many Universities are exploring new ways to integrate remote learning with on-campus learning.

8+: Social Life – Due to a hectic work schedule, earlier it was very difficult to have social gatherings by many professionals. Now, due to lockdown and having enough time to be social, people have started contacting their friends, family members and relatives using social media platforms. People are having virtual meetings on video conferencing platforms and going down the memory lane. This way the pandemic brought happiness, joy, and belongingness in people and they became more social.

9+: Financial Learnings – Many people used to think that there is no need to save money and used to live a luxurious life. But this crisis has taught them that luxuries are not useful in this situation but savings can save you. The economic slowdown is expected due to this crisis and people might lose jobs and there could be some curtailment in earnings too. So, to meet the day to day demand, the savings are useful.

10+: Upgrading Skills – Many professionals due to their hectic schedule, were not able to upgrade their skills. But, during this lockdown, people have enough time and a lot of e-learning portals are giving free access to their courses, they are upgrading themselves and acquiring new skills which will help them in retaining their current position and also in their professional growth.

Dr. Avnish Vijay Associate Professor
Mr. Vijay is an academic professional having more than 20 years of working experience in Education Sector. He is an engineer with PGDM and PhD in Management. He is expertise in IT and Management.