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Tips for Exam Writing!

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Tips for Exam Writing!

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How to score up to your maximum potential – Exam Writing Tips

  1. Arrival

           Reach exam hall 20 min before time to avoid stress.

  1. Read Questions

          Spend time in reading and understanding question. Do not jump straight into writing the answer.

  1. Presentation
  • Underline main points
  • Draw margins  |         |
  • Leave space between paragraphs
  • Start answer on a new page
  1. Points
  • Divide answer into points and write at least 3-4 lines in each point
  • Number points correctly e.g. 1, 2, 3…
  1. Fill Pages
  • Write full length of answers so that each question is 5-7 pages long
  • If you have difficulty writing more, then try to add examples or diagrams
  • But do not repeat the same text just to fill pages (else marks may be deducted)
  1. Time

           Give time to each question according to the marking scheme. Do not overspend time on only those questions               with which you are comfortable.

  1. Stationery

          Carry at least two blue pens and one black pen. Carry pencils, rubber, and Ruler for diagrams. Keep calculator              if allowed.

  1. Handwriting

           If, despite efforts and practice, you have bad handwriting then try to write neatly. Leave space between words              and lines, and underline important points. This will make the answer look presentable.       

  1. Figures and Diagrams

           Add diagrams in each answer, if possible. In many cases, there will not be any diagrams/figures in books. But              you can add figures by explaining a concept in the form of a diagram e.g. Classification diagram, Table or                      matrix etc.

  1. Eat, Sleep and Relax

          Get proper sleep before exam day. Do not stay up late night. Eat a healthy breakfast in the morning. And relax,            you will do well. So enjoy the exam time … 


Abhishek Sharma
Assistant Professor
Poddar Management and Technical Campus

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