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Top 5 Books to Read during the Lockdown

Greetings dear reader! The Lockdown has been stretched for way too long and you’ve already checked some stuff off of your bucket list. I’m pretty sure you’ve already tried many fancy recipes and have watched more movies than you would’ve normally watched in a year.

Aren’t you just sick of the word ‘Covid – 19’ resonating in your surroundings? Too depressing!

Aren’t you just tired of your longest trip in days, being from your room to your kitchen? God, I need to stretch my legs!

Aren’t you looking for a way to escape from this horrid nightmare and find some moments of peace in your own world?

Truth be told, I personally am. And what better way to travel, than to lose yourself in the world of books? Choosing a book can be mammoth task. Well, don’t you fret, hunney. I got you covered.

Below is my personal list of Top 5 Books which you can read during this Lockdown. These books will not just help you pass your time, but will also mould you into a better version of yourself. Check it out!

Shaadi ka Laddoo

Shaadi Ka – Navniit Gandhi and Varuna Khullar

Genre – Humour

Humour is the Kryptonite for boredom and annoyance and this book is the epitome of humour. It’s an unpredictable read which will keep you on your toes throughout.

This book is about the romantic encounters of your protagonist since she registered herself onto a matrimonial website. It’s a light and fun read, something which everyone is sure to enjoy.


My Sister’s Keeper – Jodi Picoult

Genre – Young Adult

“Things don’t always look as they seem… Life isn’t as stable as we want it to be.”

Jodi Picoult is well known for her understanding of complex human relations and her poetic way of weaving this enigmatic tapestry into a story which is bound to stay with a person for a very long time.

My Sister’s Keeper was one such book which revolved around familial relations. Anyone looking for a sentimental read to keep them hooked during lockdown, this is for you. Anna Fitzgerald was born for the sole purpose of aiding her sister combat her leukaemia. But now that she doesn’t wish to be her donor anymore, she files a lawsuit against her parents, suing them for her rights on her own body.

Jodi Picoult portrays a broken family in such a way that it is inarguable. She’s bound to take the readers on one hell of a journey.


13 Reasons Why – Jay Asher

Genre – Teen Fiction

The eye-opening plot of the novel is one of its kind and very excruciating. Asher knows how to keep the readers engaged and begging for more. 13 Reasons Why is a book which evolved me as a person and in my personal opinion, it is a must read for everyone, whether an elder or a teenager.

The book trudges through the difficulties in high school which forced a girl, Hannah Baker to take her own life. She has left behind a legacy. 13 Reasons why she couldn’t take it anymore. 13 Reasons Why a lot of people cared, but it wasn’t enough…

I think every person should give this book a chance. A chance at saving thousands from committing suicide… A chance at saving people from a ton of regret… And a chance at changing yourself…

This book deals with issues like teenage depression, bullying and also contains mentions of rape. So, anyone who finds this disturbing or triggering, please skip this book.


The Fallen Series – Lauren Kate

Genre – Paranormal Romance Fiction

The best way to let your imagination wander is to seek homage in a piece of Fantasy. The Fallen series was hands down one of the best pieces of Fantasy I’ve ever read.

The series show an impressive connection between mortal beings and immortal souls plus, is somehow really addictive and obsessive. One cannot forbid oneself if he has started reading the series.

With Fallen Angels and Nephilim roaming on the Earth, things just got a little bit more complicated.

Looking for Alaska

Looking for Alaska – John Green

Genre – Teen Fiction

Any list of Top books is incomplete without the author John Green. John Green is a pro at describing the teenage life and the struggles which come along it with great sincerity and diplomacy.

Miles and Alaska are two teenagers who are looking for a way to find themselves in this massive crowd of people. But nothing in life ever comes easy. And understanding yourself? It’s the hardest part of all…

Looking for Alaska was a book which made me question everything I’ve ever known about myself. One of the best parts of the book was that everything he described was in the brutal and blinding light without anything lingering in the shadows.

The Metaphors he has used are beyond perfection. The story line is so gripping and real, that it will leave you craving for more.

And that’s the end of my partial list. I’ve given you some books to put on your Lockdown TBR (To Be Read) list. On that note, keep a tissue box in hand, a cup of steaming coffee with a comfortable recliner, lay out your favourite snacks and dive in the world of books!

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Adios Amigos!

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